Tuesday, October 22, 2019

About Audrey

I’ve been interested in photography and creating photographs (well, for many many moons now)

and took an interest in the topic of marketing in 1998. I realized that to run a successful business, it all starts with what 99% of business owners run far away from – marketing. With the threat of layoffs looming at my full-time job,

I took my passion of photography and proved that, despite one of the worst recessions this world has ever seen and hundreds of people and businesses struggling and out of work, starting a business was not only possible, but that I could be successful by finding and working with clients who don’t invest in products and services on price alone.

As a fellow photographer, I’m here to stretch your marketing boundaries and beliefs with marketing tips and ideas, some that take only minutes to implement. Because I love to learn about marketing, and most business owners hate the word, let alone the concept, I encourage and want you to let me be your learning curve and leverage my years of knowledge – and the thousands of dollars – I’ve invested in this topic.

I am convicted to helping you, whether you’re a newbie or veteran, with methods that improve your financial bottom-line and create marketing habits that you look forward to and love. Anything is possible for the photographer who is serious about making a successful living doing what they love.

Audrey is the co-author of “How to Pay the Rent With Your Camera This Month!” and has attended workshops with some of the biggest marketing names out there such as: Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Yanik Silver, Ryan Lee, Paul Hartunian, Josh Hudson, Keith Lee, just to name a few.

Audrey can be reached at 802-922-9383 or Audrey@photographymarketingclubhouse.com and would love to chat with you even if you just wanted to say “hi”.