Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Welcome to the Photography Marketing Clubhouse. Here you will find marketing tips and techniques that will attract and retain  quality clients who are out there, waiting for you to offer your services to them.

What you will discover…

  • Different pricing strategies
  • Customer retention techniques
  • Packaging tips
  • How to approach businesses you can joint venture with
  • Guest coach interviews
  • Case studies of people like yourself in similar situations who will add to your bottom line
  • Many, many other topics

If you have a question or challenge about a specific marketing topic, we’ll explore it in detail and rip it apart piece by piece so that you “get it”.

What you won’t find here….

  • Topics about how to take a better photo
  • How to use your camera settings
  • Best lighting equipment on the market
  • Photoshop secrets
  • Technical aspects of photography

You need to google other forums for this information. This is THE marketing place for photographers looking for the that edge in the industry.

  1. Have you ever struggled with marketing and run far to the hills when you hear that word?
  2. Do you think that marketing is all about brochures, postcards, newspapers ads, yellow pages, word of mouth referrals and all that craziness? (you’re only 1/4 right about that, by the way)
  3. Are you working a full-time job (or part-time job) and want to break into the photography business either full-time or part-time? (you don’t need to be a full-time photographer to be a professional by the way – that’s hogwash. Sign up and I’ll tell you why)
  4. Do you want to be effective and have tons of fun letting the world know you exist?

Then welcome aboard, my friend and sign up now to learn how to make marketing work for you, and have fun while doing it.

Is there any other way? Not a chance.

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Photo Courtesy of: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrs_logic/